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Hemp Extract and Autism

Beverly is the mother of an autistic son. As a single mother, she struggles every day and due to the autism, her son struggles with tantrums, uncontrollable movement, anxiety, and stress. Everything she previously tried always resulted in a resounding failure, even though she tries exactly what the government recommends. That’s because the government programs for raising children with autism are outdated and archaic. Truthfully, they don't understand autism, and therefore the programs offer little-to-no solutions, mostly working to maintain the current status quo in treatment for people with disabilities.  As a result of these methods, symptoms like uncontrollable movements and tantrums see no improvements. Ultimately, the only options Beverly has involve giving her son hardcore narcotics.

After searching high and low for a natural solution for her son, Beverly discovers CBD. She does plenty of research and decides to give it a try, since nothing else up to this point has had any long-lasting positive impacts. Almost immediately, her son’s autism symptoms lessen, and her son starts to speak – something he has not been able to do thus far.

This is Beverly’s story about how CBD helped her son’s autism and improved her life.