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Hemp Extract for Muscle Relaxation

Being an avid work out freak, I’ve tried all sorts of solutions for relaxing my muscles and avoiding muscle spasms after a good work out. My doctor has recommended over the counter pain killers, as well as both over the counter and prescription rubs that help with pain relief. While I settled for this traditional solution for many years, I’ve always preferred a natural solution that would take me out of the world of chemicals and human made substances.
Fresh Farms CDB For Muscle Relaxation
I started experimenting with Hemp Extract about six months ago. I bought myself my first Hemp Extract tincture oil, from Fresh Farms Hemp Extract, 250MG, 30ML. After a good work out, I’d put a dropper full of Hemp Extract oil under my tongue, and hold it there for one minute, allowing the CBD to soak so it would get into my endocannibinoid system. Within 10 minutes of taking the Hemp Extract, I would feel relief and relaxation spread all across my body.
Fresh Farms CBD For Muscle Relaxation

It was by far the best solution I had ever tried until that point. It didn’t irritate my stomach like pills, the worst of which was that sour chalky feeling that would cause heartburn. Unlike traditional anti – inflammatory and painkillers, I was told that the Hemp Extract would actually cause me to feel true pain relief and muscle relaxation. Alternatively, traditional pain killers simply trick your mind into thinking that the pain and tension have been reduced, while the pain and tension remain. But that’s just the mind chemically altered to think that the pain is reduced.

Hemp Extract Oil won me over, and that was just the start of my adventures into Hemp Extract. I soon discovered another incredible Fresh Farms Hemp Extract Product called the Sporta RubThe Sporta Rub a 21st century Ben Gay, a part of the Fresh Farms Hemp Extract unique line of bridge products, that fuses the old with the new. The product also smells just like Ben Gay, in a clear green gel, infused with 200mg of Hemp Extract per 1oz container.

After my workouts, I take a tincture dropper of oil by mouth, and then I cover all the parts of my body that I have been working out with the Sporta Rub. The absorption of the Sporta Rub is incredible. While many of the balms and rubs that I’ve used in the past stay on the surface of my skin, the Sporta Rub absorbs quickly, and goes to work within 10-15 minutes.

With the use of both the Hemp Extract oil taken by mouth, and the Sporta Rub topical put over key parts of my body, the tension quickly subsides, and brings a relaxation and comfort through my body that is unparalleled. It also feels natural, not like some a chemical substance is trying to trick my body, but rather in a very organic way my body feels comfort.

Fresh Farms CBD For Muscle Relaxation

The Hemp Extract oil and Sporta Combo also helps with my muscle recovery. It doubles the speed of my recovery time, and restores my body’s balance so that I don’t miss out on days of working out.

The traditional options for muscle relaxers include benzodiazepines line Xanax and Valium. One has to do but a mild but of research to learn that none of these artificial substances are good for our bodies. Taking Xanax and Valium could lead to serious addiction issues, which should never be a by-product of wanting to keep your body healthy and working out.

It all comes down to this wonderful thing called the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is an innate network of cannabinoids and cannabinoid receptors that occur 100% naturally in the human body. Everyone has the ECU receptors, whether they use Hemp Extract or not. The ECS to be present in virtually every single physiological system in the human body, and thus why Hemp Extract works so well across the whole body for full comfort and relief. NORML has gone so far as to call the endocannabinoid system “…the most important physiologic system involved in establishing and maintaining human health.”

This why so many people have switched over from prescription medications like carisoprodol or benzodiazepines, to Hemp Extract oil and topicals like the Sporta Rub.

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