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Plush Cosmos 

At PLUSH, our core belief in how we develop our products is simple: In Nature We Trust. Our first goal when formulating a product is to source 100% natural and organic options for the ingredients.

We’ve found that you can create far superior products that are miles ahead of the competition when sticking to these core, simple principles. Our Skin Care products work wonders for typical ailments. Our Pain Relief products work fast, and feel and smell of luxury. Our Massage Oil brings your body to a new horizon of blissful comfort and relaxation.

PLUSH products are the most advanced in the beauty marketplace in terms of terpene science, and the use of natural and organic hemp, plant-based, and other raw materials. 
With every product we create, we want to give our customers the best of what’s possible--an experience that is hard to rival. Welcome to PLUSH.

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