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CBD and Pain / How do I know what is the best dose or product for me?

Hi you there!.... Yes you!

I know that you have been struggling. Everyday you walk around and there is terrible muscle and joint discomfort. You may even feel like your life is at a standstill due to your issues. I know what this is like due to my own issues and I am here to tell you there is a better way to deal with it. Your solution may have been in front of you the entire time.....I mean you did find us here, and I'm sure you've read about CBD online. So you're probably not on the wrong track, that's great! Now we just need to help you decide what is best for you. Come on, I'll help you go over some options you have!

1. Tinctures: The tinctures are our most popular product by far and for good reason. Our tinctures are a crowd favorite for a few reasons. One of the reasons why people really like them is that we offer multiple extra strength options. If 500mg or even 1000mg doesn't cut it for you, you can bump it up to 2000mg or even 5000mg! The best part is the consumption. The drops down have any taste really and go right under the tounge for a quick absorbtion. The other great thing is that you can also use the dropper to put some in your morning coffee or cup of tea before bed. If you are looking for a ingestible way to take in your CBD I would highly recommend the tinctures. Link for the tinctures is right here ---> https://freshfarmscbd.com/collections/tinctures

2. Relief Balm: The balms that we offer here are also super popular for relief. This is especially true for our Relief Balm, which we specifically designed for relief. Our Relief Balm is terpinated for relief and to ease your muscles. It also clocks in at 500mg of CBD. Here is your link to get our Relief Balm ---> https://freshfarmscbd.com/collections/balms-topicals/products/terpinated-activated-balm-500mg

3. Sporta Extreme: Ok people, here we are, at the mack-daddy of all of our topicals. Our Sporta Extreme. Now this is our strongest topical, even stronger than all of the balms. This may be our only product that isn't 100% all natural, but that's just because we needed an extra kick. This roll on gel gives a heat and cooling sensation, all while our proprietary formula gets everything absorbed into your skin for maximum relief. Oh and did I mention it's a 1000mg dose of CBD on top of everything else. This is our product that was developed for professional athletes so if it's good enough for them we are gonna bet you'll fall in love too. Boom here is your link ---> https://freshfarmscbd.com/collections/balms-topicals/products/sporta-extreme-deep-relief-gel-roll-on

We are so glad we are able to help a lot of people with pain relief and other issues here at Fresh Farms. Take a look at those products and see which one might be best for you, or if you still have more questions give us a call and we can help you with your CBD needs!