‘CBD supports the immune system’: Austrian clinic reports promising re– Fresh Farms LLC

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‘CBD supports the immune system’: Austrian clinic reports promising results from CBD (Aka Hemp Extract) trial on Covid-19 ICU patients


Early in 2021, the outcomes of research from an Austrian clinic started to hit the internet. In this controlled study, CBD was used in the recovery of 70+ year old ICU Covid 19 patients. The study revealed that those elderly patients using CBD recovered from Covid 19 much faster than those not using CBD during their recovery. Inflammation reduced much quicker, and recovery times became much quicker as well.

These studies do make a lot of sense. CBD has powerful anti oxidants and other immunity boosting elements within its chemical compounds. For years, CBD (hemp extract) users have reported health benefits. Simply by perusing the comment sections of Reddit or Youtube, you find many of these personal statements, such as “Ive been using CBD for 10 years and I haven’t had a flu or cold this entire time!” Of course, such personal claims by users of CBD are far from having the legitimacy of a controlled medical trial. But with Trials like the Austrian one appearing on the scene, it seems as though a lot of these personal claims about CBD do have validity.

At Fresh Farms CBD, we took this concept of immunity boosting to another level, and we did it LONG before Covid 19. Our research in Cannabinoids, terpenes, and essential oils, began nearly a decade ago. These internal studies indicated to us that daily use of CBD would be beneficial in terms of fighting free radicals, and therefore protecting and fortifying ones immunity, and thus preparing the body for when nasty viruses like Covid 19 hit the scene.


Back in 2017, we introduced our “Ancient Medicines” AM and PM line of tinctures, which has since been updated to +AM Awake Immunity Booster, Pain and Anxiety Relief, and +PM Best Rest Immunity Booster, Pain and Anxiety Relief (see image). As their names indicate, each version is fortified with terpenes that help with energy, pain, and anxiety through the day (AM), and sleep, best rest, and pain relief at night (PM)

As Pioneers in the CBD industry, we knew long ago that Cbd could have positive effects on ones immunity. But we wanted to take it many steps further, in that CBD is only one of the powerful all natural Immunity Boosting, Energy Promoting, Sleep Inducing, Pain Relieving ingredients.

The idea was to create the most powerful dose of anti oxidants you can get in a tincture, and the most powerful and effective product of its kind.

Thats why +AM and +PM is packed with over a dozen other powerful and health promoting ingredients. 

The Hemp Extract CBD is fortified with Turmeric Curcumin, one of the strongest natural anti oxidants on the planet, known to rival most anti cancer drugs. Studies have shown that it dramatically increases the Anti Oxidant capability of the body. This means that while you are busy running around and thus being exposed to pollution and toxins of all kinds, the Turmeric Curcumin is busy increasing the body’s ability to fight these free radicals and thus maintain good health.

Curcumin also increases brain function, so you are at your peak performance capability throughout the day. Other ‘side effects’ of Turmeric Curcumin include that it fights heart disease, benefits arthritis patients, helps fight depression, and has anti aging benefits as well.

That’s just one ingredient in this product out of over two dozen such ingredients (there are over twenty different kinds of terpenes and essential oils we use).

The product is packed with many powerful all natural all organic ingredients that have similar properties in providing the body with the strongest anti oxidants on the planet, promoting clarify, promoting better digestion, promoting better production, promoting better sleep. These ingredients include Red Raspberry Seed Oil, a specially formulated family of Terpenes, Black Pepper Oil, Oregano Oil, and Select Essential oils.

This is a groundbreaking and essential all natural product for those wanting to simply optimize their health, their life, their sleep, their clarity, their inner peace, their digestion, their body regularity, their pain problems.

The reason we called this product “Ancient Medicines” when it was first released (Recently Updated to +AM and +PM) is because it is formulated based upon ancient and age tested medical and healing principles from ancient cultures such as Chinese Culture, Hebrew Culture, Indian Culture, as well as Near East and Middle Eastern cultures such as Ancient Persia, and Armenia.

AM fights the free radicals you are hit with every day, and gives you that extra boost of energy while you’re running around during the day, and takes the edge off the daily stress, while also helping to assist in pain relief.

PM also fights free radicals. Its unique formulation helps promote sleep. While you are sleeping, the wealth of anti oxidants fight the free radical damage from the day, so you wake up feeling energized and ready for the new day.

It is important to keep in mind that what was presented to the Austrian Medical Patients that underwent the trial was only CBD. Rudolf Likar, head of intensive care medicine at the clinic, started by administering a dose of 200 milligrams of CBD per day which later increased to 300 milligrams. 

He stated: "We have seen that the inflammation parameters in the blood go down and people leave the hospital faster than the comparison group," Likar said. “CBD supports the immune system.”

+AM and +PM contain not only CBD, but the many other free radical fighting ingredients, which make this product infinitely more balanced and powerful than the dozes presented to the elderly Covid 19 patients in the Austrian clinical trials. Of course, the dose is less because this is for regular use, and not for bedridden elderly patients. But the +AM and +PM Immunity booster products are much fuller and more encompassing in their ability to fight free radicals as CBD is just one of the many weapons in the holistic arsenal that make this product the most powerful and effective of its kind.

According to the Austrian media, The head of intensive care in the Austrian Clinic Director Likar suspects the cannabidiol in the chemical CBD blocks the ACE2 receptor. As a result, the SARS-CoV-2 virus cannot gain access to human cells and begins self-replicating, which has dire consequences for human health. 

It is important to note that +AM and +PM contains over two dozen other ingredients that help with the process that clinic director Likar describes above.

What he is describing above is like a 1916 car the Ford Model T, while +AM and +PM is a Tesla.

Liker noted that CBD oil’s anti-inflammatory effects reportedly surpass those of other widely used drugs because cannabidiol crosses the blood-brain barrier. This staves off some of the most dramatic neurological damages associated with “long Covid.”

The study is ongoing at the Klagenfurt Clinic.

Likar continues “We are now evaluating the data and the data is looking relatively good. We'll probably use this routinely now because it doesn't have any side effects”.

The two dozen other ingredients in +AM and +PM immunity booster, beyond the CBD, all fall into this category of all natural ingredients that have not been known for having negative or adverse effects. 

Similar research is ongoing in Israel as well, where promising information is coming through regarding similar benefits of using CBD.

Whats really important to know is that at Fresh Farms CBD, we’ve known this information since 2017 when we first formulated Ancient Medicines AM and PM. But, as a CBD Hemp Extract Company, we are not allowed to make medical claims, and have been eagerly waiting for Clinical trials, like this Austrian Klagenfurt Clinical study, that reaffirms what we know.

Throughout the early stages of Covid 19, we used the Fresh Farms facilities in Los Angeles to make hand sanitizer to help with the shortage, which was immense at that time (March-June 2020)

During this period, 100s of people came through our doors for nearly 3 months. There were many volunteers and the only thing they had in common is that everybody was using our CBD. We were giving it out for people to help as essential workers during this crucial time.

People were using our CBD at this time for pain and anxiety purposes. It was all manual work at a time when everyone was anxious thinking the world was coming to an end with Covid 19, so the CBD Hemp Extract tinctures came in handy.

Ironically, non of these essential workers making hand sanitizer got Covid 19. This is despite the fact that we had up to 100 people working in tight quarters. 

Thats a purely anecdotal story, because we did not have medical trials happening during this time. But seeing these encouraging trials with CBD from the Austrian clinic, combined with the incredibly powerful testimonials that we have received from customers at Fresh Farms for years, we are incredibly encouraged by these new clinical findings.

At Fresh Farms CBD, we’ve always believed in the incredible power of not only CBD, but the many other all natural ingredients that come from the earth and have powerful and positive effects on the human body.

This is our core belief, in nature we trust, and in America we Trust, as our products are made in the USA, naturally sourced, organic, made by Americans for Americans.

+AM and + PM immunity boosters, that promote better energy (AM), anxiety relief (AM/PM), pain relief (AM/PM), and better sleep (PM) are available on the Fresh Farms CBD site for only $35!