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Full Spectrum CBD VS. Broad Spectrum CBD.....What is the difference?

I'm sure you see all different kinds of CBD, hemp, hemp extracts, tinctures, and everything else under the sun when it come to CBD. The BIG question is what do you buy? What type do you even buy? Don't worry there friend, we have got you covered. This is the basic breakdown of what you should be paying attention to, which will save you money, time and stress! 

Full Spectrum CBD: Full spectrum, or in our case our RED series of products, is basically known as the gold standard for CBD. It is going to have everything in it that Broad Spectrum will have (Ingredients list in the link by the product description), PLUS it will have under .3% THC which is under the legal limit. This little bit of THC (which is highly unlikely to show up on a drug test) makes the CBD slightly more powerful than it is without it. Here are some of our most popular RED products --->  https://freshfarmscbd.com/collections/tinctures/products/full-spectrum?variant=16280102305841

Broad Spectrum CBD: Broad spectrum, or at our store our BLUE series, is well known in health food stores. Some people just do not want that tiny bit of THC in their body that the full spectrum offers, and we totally get that! It still has all of the terpines, CBD, and other great ingredients in it but it is slightly weaker than the full spectrum. We make our balms and our tinctures both broad spectrum if you are looking for that route here is your links ---> 



What will you choose for yourself? Click the links and find out!